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SkyKick Migration and Cloud Backup

for Microsoft 365 

SkyKick offers the #1-MSP rated Migration Suite with comprehensive Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365. Choose one vendor for all your M365 needs to save cost, save time, increase profitability, and grow your cloud practice.  


Over 20,000 partners globally use SkyKick with a 96% partner satisfaction rating. See how they can help your business.  


Migration Suite 


Cloud Backup  

  • Comprehensive coverage of the Microsoft 365 Suite – including Groups & Teams! 
  • Takes up to 6 snapshots per day – infinite storage limit on Microsoft Azure 
  • Full, granular, and point-in-time restore capability 
  • Simple and fast search and restore functionality 
  • Can 2x+ profit margins on M365 and promotes customer retention
  • See product specs here 
  • Watch a demo webinar here


If you run into questions, SkyKick Support is always FREE and available locally in Seattle and Amsterdam 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, plus on weekends. SkyKick and Tech Data look forward to working with you.  


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