Why Tech Data and G Suite Playbook


Google has long been known as an innovator in in almost any space they invest in. With G Suite they take the productivity solution market to a new level of collaboration and intelligent working from anywhere. Partnering with Tech Data helps you realize these benefits faster and easier, with our industry leading cloud knowledge and business plans to help start or grow your practice.


Offer Google G Suite Faster and More Efficiently

Google G Suite is a cloud-born productivity suite that was built from the ground up to work together. Along this theme, Google has made things simple for you and your customers. A simple licensing and SKU system, minimally required certifications and generous margin will help boost your business, while a system integrated with AI, easy back end / IT management and unrivaled collaboration will leave your customers delighted.


Download our Reseller Playbook to learn how Tech Data and Google can support you as a partner and help you take advantage of this opportunity, as well as how we can help you reduce your complexity and time to market.

    Download our Why Tech Data and Google G Suite Playbook!