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Cloud Insiders Roundtable 
Click to Run™ Solutions

You have been invited to take part in our first Tech Data Cloud Roundtable session. This event is open to a select set of partners who have leveraged our Tech Data Click to Run™ solutions, or have great expertise in key vendors such as Microsoft and/or AWS.

Join us on March 4 at 11 a.m. EST, and be the first to learn and see a demo of new solutions not yet in market, as well as the ability to influence new offerings or a better experience that can help to simplify your business needs and provide greater results to you and your customers.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to speak with our global cloud solution experts and help transform the future of cloud together.

Please confirm your participation by filling out the registration form to the right.


Cloud Insiders Roundtables is a Tech Data Cloud program focused on highlighting partner voices to improve future business practices and key initiatives. This is held monthly with a new topic selected every month.

Register for our Roundtable today!

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