Integrated Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions for Enterprise Physical & Virtual Environments

More and more organizations are embracing cloud technologies but it’s simply not the case of one-size fits all. Some see the cloud as a relatively inexpensive and flexible storage resource, whilst others are building their whole business model around it, with numerous other variations in between. What is clear is that there is no one single journey to the cloud

Unitrends is the only vendor that gives you the choice of all cloud options, from small private clouds to purpose built ones through to hyper scale clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google. Unitrends Cloud provides an integrated cloud solution from a single vendor for infinite long term data retention

Whether your customers are looking for off-site storage, require long term retention for regulatory and compliance reasons, or disaster recovery and business continuity, Unitrends Cloud is agile, elastic, flexible and affordable. Download our cloud services brief to learn more…